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How to Attract Success to your Music and Art… Call with Paramount Booking Intl

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Hello Music Lovers and Artists, Music Makers, Sound Healers…are you ready to learn about the Law of Resonance and how to attract success? We will go through an actual meditation to attract more fans, enhance your performance and resonate your message out to the world.  Bring your intentions for better performance and receivership!!!

Cheri Gross of Paramount Blog Talk Radio Interviews

Jan Cercone RN, MA, Certified Music Practitioner of

 Sound and Light Healing Arts


Recorded on Thursday May 1, 2014 at 1pm

Here is the link…listen in ANYTIME after the call……
Listen in  at #BlogTalkRadio

For Artist, Healers, Listeners, Humans!!

On this powerful Free Call you will Learn how to Take your Music and Performance OVER THE TOP!!

Learn the 3 point Process for Musicians…..go deep into your beliefs and free your limitations


How Music really Heals!! The Physics…


       Learn simple entrainment and resonance principles and how artists are the key to creating the New Paradigm!

       How you can “lead” the consciousness of an audience in music presentations

       How your intentions and thoughts are broadcast through music to lift an audience to bliss.

       How fusion events with Healers and Musicians are the leading edge of

             Enter- trainment


Watch this Powerful little Youtube on How to Resonate and Attract Success

         One listener’s response:  Yes, I was hoping it was longer though as it was, you packed in a lot of information! I there are any more

                                                 programs, let me know  May 1, 2014

..and Jan’s Blog:  

Hello Friends….

       My first love affair began with George Gershwin. Or more accurately, the Blue album cover with a woman swathed in Blue with the big words “Rhapsody in Blue” written on it. In a busy family of 10 in a tiny house, this was my refuge. My father put the needle down on the vinyl and I shut my eyes and I was transported on a magic carpet, dancing and whirling in the cosmos with the accelerating syncopation of that unforgettable song. My “world” where I loved to hide out, became music, with my eyes shut. I became Puccini’s heroine, and lived into music.

Music rocks, soothes, transports and most importantly actually TRANSFORMS us. Why?  Because we ARE music, we are vibration and we are responsive matrixes that shift and live and die metaphorically to powerful music. Science now underscores the evidence and I myself have a unit that can measure your emotions and organ vitality through your Voice! And the scale is based on, you guessed it, music! For 30 years I have studied the effect of Tone and Sound on the human body through Anthroposophy, working with Hospice patients and becoming an expert Sound Healer and Educator in many diverse settings.

So when Cheri Gross asked me to be her guest on her Paramount Blog Talk Radio I love the idea of fusing Vibrational Healing methodology with Concert and Music creation for artists and healers.

See you on the recorded call…   Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP



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and Lastly, take a look at this previous blog on Fusing Healing Modalities and Music.

Cheri Gross Podcasts with Paramount booking       Link to the Podcast Site

Jan Cercone RN, MA, Music/VoiceBio Practitioner,  Specializing in re-balancing women’s health and spiritual ascension. Workshop leader, International speaker, Author/ Recording artist. Her Women’s Voice Release is a powerful tool for women to re-find their voice and empowerment. Jan is the Director of the Solara Center. She authored “Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine” to assist women to articulate to their partners what they are going through as they progress through their Spiritual Awakening!

Jan’s presence, voice and inspirational nature bring a refreshing wave of new possibility for women emerging onto their unique path. Her passion is contagious and ignites the imagination, heart and soul to bring real change to individuals and groups worldwide.  Jill Lublin international speaker and 3x best selling author

Jan Cercone’s story of leaving safety and tradition to find her own voice and wings is an inspiration to women. She offers a heart-centered message full of hope.” Marci Smirnoff  #1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason.

Jan Cercone’s work brings in intuition and sound healing science to help women use their voice to empower themselves.” Steven Halpern   Grammy nominated recording artist and sound healer

“Jan has an extensive background in Music as therapy. She combined lecture,interactive musical activities, and  color in combination with music into her class. She was wholeheartedly involved, inspiring, motivating and joyful in her presentation.” K.M., SRJC

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