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Releasing Poverty Consciousness

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 Releasing Poverty Consciousness  with Trilogy of Light

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     When Singer-Healer Michelle Newman called me about the poverty oath many artistic, loving  people took somewhere along their timeline and asked if I would I be interested in helping clear it….I said yes.

      I have had an interesting relationship to money. In general, I have ignored it, just expected it would be there. I grew up dirt poor with holes in the bottom of my shoes with masking tape on the bottom.   I was embarrassed when I knelt down at the front of the church for communion and my community could see the tape.  As the sixth child in a family of ten, I worked at age 12 to afford my own hair brush. Flash forward to my 23 years of being married to an orthodontist and I was able to design my own office with 12 ft. french doors and have my home on Women’s garden tours for it’s immense beauty. I lived through the illusion that money buys us happiness as I went from being the little waif on the street with impetigo to the leader of the Women’s Dental Society with all the social status that implied.

     So, obviously I was the same person. Pauper to Princess  made me very thankful for everything everyday. I laugh that I was very poor, then very rich and now I am just right. People treated me so different as I lived in these different worlds and I would feel sad when I could feel people needed to be my friend based on their love of my Villa home. It said a lot about them. I refuse to let what I have determine how I regard myself.  I know it really has a lot to do with my resilience as my mother said, Jan, you can do anything you put your mind to. And when you are poor, you are creative and when you are rich you are creative in a new way.

  It is about our perception. I never felt poor, even when on food stamps in nursing school. And it is our thoughts, our beliefs that guide our ability to RECEIVE and get what we need. I always had what I needed, maybe not what I wanted. And what fills in the gap?

     FAITH.  Believing spirit is in charge. Guiding. And we work together. I was told recently that I might never be rich doing spiritual teaching though spirit said if I “meet them” in the middle by using the internet I could live comfortably.

                 So what message does spirit have for you around money?

   But that is just one aspect…..It is the unknown, or unconscious attitudes about money and our worthiness that make up 90% of our decisions. We watched our parents agonize over paying the mortgage. My father would say jokingly, we are going to the poorhouse. This shook me up. I saw the dark Oliver movie type steps leading to a brick dark underground room. So our early experiences do effect us. But, the even deeper lurking vibrational flows can come from other lifetimes and make us feel that wealth is not spiritual. This is known as an oath of poverty. Our consciousness now realizes the power of vibration and the attractions and that there really is NO lack. Having what we need does not take from another. We are each running our own little movie and we get to choose independently and radiate this reality outwards and it manifests. It is so simple. Yet, if the deep beliefs are not something you can pinpoint or see it is difficult to begin the healing if you can’t see the source or root.


    That is where Vibrational healing is magical. We can simply go into a light trance, ask our angels to locate the exact vibrational root and by our asking, or intending, we can re-program this aspect of ourselves. Then, we reap the benefits when we see our thinking and choices have subtly shifted. Relief follows…new income and surprises. Spirit promises to deliver if we work with them, and I have never been disappointed. My grandmother would say prayer can move mountains. And the same goes for bringing the “current” or flow into your home and life.

     My dear Artistic friends Michelle Newman and Eliahu Goodman  looked at the gematria of money, the energy of the M word itself and realized it does not have a flowing aspect. So we encourage you to use the word currency for your abundance and flow. Current has an alive feel, a circuitry of sorts. So enjoy our unscripted meditation and you will receive the shifts simply by listening. Find a quiet space, close your eyes and FEEL the energy behind our words. The active principle of energy moving through you for the most benefit.

     It is time for us to thrive to achieve our goals, live into our mission and have happiness. It brings more to all when you are happy and radiant. 


                                                                                 Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP

                                                                                 “Becoming Light”  everyday, every way

Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Visionary with a focus on the re-balancing of human experience towards joy and wellness through New Models of Health Care and Sound and Light Entertainment Experiences, and the exploration of the New Relationship Paradigm. Specializing in re-balancing Human health and spiritual ascension. Workshop leader, International speaker, Author/ Recording artist. Her Women’s Voice Release is a powerful tool for women to re-find their voice and empowerment. Jan is the Director of the Solara Center. She authored “Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine”  and “Passion Healed Me’  to assist women to articulate to their partners what they are going through as they progress through their Spiritual Awakening! She leads Healing Circles and it launching a new Coaching Program “Angels in Training” to help people get grounded in their spiritual, physical, and work life.


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