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Singing…the Process of Ensouling the Human

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Singing: The Process for Ensouling the Human


     This fascinates me and compels me….why is singing such a profound experience for the singer and listener? What is this “lifted” feeling I experience through a seemingly simply physical activity? And it can come with the singing of just one, single tone. Singing is holy. It brings the supersensible into the physical realm. It ensouls the human body, giving us life forces for healing and enlightenment by channeling directly the music of the spheres into our bodies of water, minerals and constant flowing life forces. 

           It is through the study of Rudolph Steiner’s Seal for the Uncovering the Voice singing work, the teachings from my Therapeutic Singing course and through my own conscious experience that I might able to come up with the human words to possibly describe this process.  This mystery of how the tone enters the body….where and how can be addressed by reflecting on this triad of resources.  When we sing we use our breathing processes which are by nature, flowing with rhythmic movement.  Our lungs, our heart, and peripheral vessels, trachea, larynx, and resonating cavities within the head primarily support this active process.  We breathe in the tone as it is held within the current of the air stream….and when the deep metabolic processes have made their travels for transferances of oxygen and life forces to the tissues, the expired air is etherized and sublimated by the presence of the vibrating tone intentionally brought into the flow.  The transcendence point occurs at the larynx, known as the alchemic seat.  There, residing in just the proper state of relaxation and tension to fully receive the pure tone, the larynx receives, as in the feminine, and surrenders and resounds what she has taken in fully and her response is objective as she opens with to the entrainment, resounding principle.  Thus, she has been sounded.  Profoundly.  The tone that lives in the cosmic spheres, the unified energy field of life has been enlivened and heard and received deeply, by the singer and the listener.  Joy and healing ensue.

     Meditating on the Seal given by Rudolf Steiner to represent this process shows us at the base of the sphere the blood flow, the in and out required for the transference of air to the tissues and the removal of the carbons, and wastes. The wastes become the food for the beyond human ecological realm, as the plant forms take in these metabolic cast offs. The cube in the seal represents this foundation for life, the cube of space, earth, carbon.

The serpents who guide this circular flow activity, with arrows to show the dynamic activity, represent the life force or the two flows of Kundalini, spinal energy.  This is the central channel for life forces within the body. This red vortex, expired from the mouths of the serpents could represent the funnel of etherized sublimated air that is braided together like the helix DNA.  A circuit of movement and flow rising upwards with warmth depicted by the color orange/reddish culminates in the hovering, gently perched dove within the upper sphere.  This dove, the dove of peace, has golden wings of higher knowledge and wisdom and light of the highest order.  The electromagnetic spectrum of the Christ energy, perhaps through the Holy Spirit, is present. It is as if the delicate dove is sounded into being, wings stretched in flight and majesty…infinitely vulnerable and open, within an overall cross configuration. Again, the Christ symbol.

        At the highest point of the third and final ring we find the crown of our labors, a chalice of sorts inverted. Perhaps this can be the mouth, the sacred mouth with its formative powers for tone and word….the Holy Grail.  The greatest power bestowed to man within the earthly kingdom. 

     The Harmonics formed in the mouth/chalice can be transformative and the fiery colors of the image remind us the power of our singing and words to burn and cleanse away the untruth, to speak and sing the truth of love alone.  The warmth that is created can be contrasted with the cooler lower metabolic forces, the ice cube within the earth aspects of this process.  The angelic forces, according to Clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner, love to see humans work this process and are delighted to assist us with their presence and assistance. They are patient as we make our progress towards this higher realm of finer energies, where they can reach into our energy field easily and infuse us with their energies and power and lighten our fields further for the healing work we need for our people and earth at this time.  It is a holy process.  Meditative, transformative and healing.

     The entire seal is held within a magenta base, with a circular holding color of green.  They are neutral colors to form the support for the activity.  The letters within the green encircling include one vowel and 9 consonants.  The symbolism of these 10 letters shall remain a mystery to me at present. The bluish washing of the inner seal can be the life forces, the ocean, and the blue light within our cells.  There is finally, a cupola of sorts, of a vibrant rainbow encircling the singing process.  These seven colors of the rainbow are the notes of the diatonic scale, the white light broken into colors, our body’s energy charka systems.  The rainbow colors of life signify our birthright to enjoy all that is musical and joyful and resounding in a world that is held in a conscious field of tone and love. Each color has its place, its tone, its beauty and vulnerability within the elements.  As humans, we can do our part to keep the fields of true color, harmony and tone and love by singing as purely and consciously as we can. It is the will of the singer that initiates the process and it is the conscious directives of the singer that dictates whether the singing will be life supporting or another type of musical ego-based activity. 


        The singing method of Valborg Werbeck Svardstrom is the scientific/ spiritual path to discover true life-giving singing.  It enlivens the power of intention for the singer to receive and sound the objective healing tones through physical, emotional and spiritual preparation.  It is a path, a calling, and discipline.  It is singing from oneself as if radiating peace through a huge golden cross within the chest, or reflecting out as a prism from the being a rainbow of dazzling laser brilliant healing dancing colors.  It can be whatever we dream it to be once we learn the basic principles of true artistic and healing singing and we can at last “Uncover our Voice” fully.   

The seal is a holy image and I hope you can sense and feel this great gift to humanity.

Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Visionary with a focus on the re-balancing of human experience towards joy and wellness through New Models of Health Care and Sound and Light Entertainment Experiences, and the exploration of the New Relationship Paradigm


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Jan’s presence, voice and inspirational nature bring a refreshing wave of new possibility for women emerging onto their unique path. Her passion is contagious and ignites the imagination, heart and soul to bring real change to individuals and groups worldwide.  Jill Lublin international speaker and 3x best selling author

Jan Cercone’s story of leaving safety and tradition to find her own voice and wings is an inspiration to women. She offers a heart-centered message full of hope.” Marci Smirnoff  #1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason.

Jan Cercone’s work brings in intuition and sound healing science to help women use their voice to empower themselves.” Steven Halpern   Grammy nominated recording artist and sound healer

“The Holy Spirit directed me to a sound journey with Jan Cercone. Her singing releases all my tension and relaxes me like I have never experienced in my life. My voice bio and sound journey were amazing. I did not want  the state of blessedness to end.”

 —Pat RN, VoiceBio client

“Jan has an extensive background in Music as therapy. She combined lecture,interactive musical activities, and  color in combination with music into her class. She was wholeheartedly involved, inspiring, motivating and joyful in her presentation.” K.M., SRJC


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