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Truth is Rising and she is Free

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A stunning realization came to me today. The pieces were there. An overflowing well at our home that could not regulate, requiring immense attention, damage, and sophisticated helpers at high prices.  It overflowed.  The Well overflowed this week for all Americans. We see the Truth of what  fear based Leadership can create and what the absence of goodness leads to. The absence of the Feminine way of doing things leads to a divided house with no collaboration, kindness and everyone suffers.


The WELL of grief, memories and pain of  Feminine TRUTH being holed up for 2,000 years blew open.  Truth has been suffocating down in the WELL of the lie. The lies of humanity told over and over and over. Telling us we must follow the lead of liars, users, bullies and bores. telling us we are not Divine, not co-creators with the heavens. This stifling of the flow of Truth finally came to a head, this week.

Our leaderships damming up the truth led to an overflow of vitriol and primal anger and victim mentality finger pointing. Invading the sanctity of our Capitol that is at the heart of our elective process take us into the Roman times of overthrow towards dictatorship. We escaped that reality as the well of truth began to flow, and many of the enablers of fear based alignment jumped ship and spoke the truth. Our well at our home could not handle all the flow of truth pouring forth from the heavenly downpour of rain, and the earth’s springs welling up.  Our well could not function with so much Truth of Divine energy it breached capacity and filled our glorious home not once but twice in two weeks. We kept watch with flashlights and hoses and experts and exhausted ourselves as the damming up of Truth was finally reaching the tipping point. Of course this is all a metaphor. Scientists warmed we are out of sync with nature and creating climate change and that was turned into a lie by those who found it inconvenient. So our rain comes in deluge periods, more lies adding to the pressure.

This damming up of the Truth is directly the result of the Voice of the Feminine being stifled for too long. Truth got locked underground by the lies and the well burst it’s cover as people and the water flowed out what was stored for so long. What a relief it Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 9.10.20 AMwas for the well to flood. What a relief to hear Voices of Truth Ring again across this beautiful country. For those with ears to hear.

We have come to a pinnacle of either accepting Truth or living in a virtual, spoon fed reality of AI, media agenda driven reality. It is up to each of us to discern, yet it is difficult given our conditioning and indoctrination. And yes, there isn’t just one dark agenda, but multiple national, international, global and inter-dimensional threats to our very existence here now.

Yet, the easiest brilliant way is to learn to listen into your higher Truth. That could never be blocked. And it is available to everyone with no intermediaries. Talk to God. No fancy names. Religion has made it a commodity to connect.  In any given moment you can supercede this reality for the highest pure Truth and receive guidance and absolute truth. Truth emerges from the WellThere is a Divine Plan, but it will take teams of vibrationally coherent people devoted to developing new ways in alignment with science AND spirit!

Yes, Truth is out of the Well, free to speak up and spread the good news we do not have to be under the dominion of any human tyranny. We are free, and can create a new structure based on guidance from spirit. When I say Heaven help us, I mean it, and we can co-create something new based ont he principles of nature, which are divine. So it all connects. Nature-God-my choices all in alignment. We have a lot of mis-creations here now and it feels like building a new system, rather than fixing a dying one is the order of the day.

We must hold the light high…amid the waters….Be the Light and do not allow mis-Truths to go unaddressed. I invite you to our

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Be the Light With Jan JorgensenJan Sara Jorgensen, RN, MA, is a Certified Music Practitioner and Minister. “Healing from the Heart of God through Sound, Science and Spirit,” she is a Messenger and Visionary for the New Paradigm, a Vibrational Field and Healing Specialist Educator, a Speaker on Women’s Media TV and Radio, a Divine Feminine Leader, Author, Recording Artist, and Workshop Leader. Jan Moves Energy and teaches you how to “run” yours. And it’s time to “lighten up.” Let’s run Joy into our life practice and release the vibrations and energies of sadness, anger and confusion. In 2018, she added “Intentional Creativity” Painting to her toolkit for Women’s Workshops. She is a Singer Sound Specialist and a multi-faceted Leader in the expanding field of Vibration and Quantum Energy Transformation. As a “Messenger” of these new principles, her gift is to make the esoteric simple and fun, and empower Community Leaders to employ these tools in powerful Circles for Change. She initiates Creative applications for Healing and Aligning Individuals in Health, Entertainment, Education and Women’s Leadership. Jan is an Author, Recording artist, Professional Singer, Profound intuitive healer and recognized Visionary who is focused on one thing…supporting the transformation of Earth and her people to a higher path. Like a Flower of Life Geometry, we are creating Circles of Light with our Tribes to light up our communities! Her Women’s Leadership project is called “SOAR.”  join the FB SOAR Voice of Truth Initiative page

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