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OZ and SOAR Foundation Fundraising

Fundraising for OZ dnd SOARJoin our Community, Support our Community


Funding the Dream



The Oz Foundation, born out of the SOAR initiative, seeks to connect Divine Feminine Leaders within circles of communication to inspire resource sharing and creation of Centers for Education within the fields of Leadership, Arts and Sustainable living. OZ Foundation seeks to inspire creation of sustainable loving community models for all people based on the principles of the divine feminine principles of Inclusion, Collaboration, Co-Creation and Creativity.


Establish Leaders within communities to develop in-person and energetic networks of emotional and financial support for living and thriving in intentional community during transitional times. The Queens Caravan visits Communities and inspires co-created new living initiatives.

Establish an International Headquarters with housing, educational programs, community kitchen with participation of Teachers from affiliate centers visiting. Create a constellation of affilated centers and homes, circles for travel and cross-pollination of Leadership, Arts, and Sustainable living initiatives.

Provide education and inspiration for earth-regenerative programs and processes for sustainable inter-dependent living and provide affordable models and templates for community living.

We are expanding beyond our own fiscal facilitation ability and  recognize fee for service is a small percent of operating costs.  We are taking the steps to create a Foundation to serve powerfully, inviting you as a partner of support.

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Choose your focus to fund

Your Non-Taxable  One-time Donation or on-going pledge can support the following:

Your Donation of any amount is welcomed and appreciated, we can use it in our designated priority area. Or you can choose a designated donation area to support:

  • Queens Caravan Spiritual Walkabout Tour Five and Six        $5,000 each Tour
  • Virtual Staff for Organizational duties, Accounting                         $500 per month
  • Property Acquisition, Designing a Template SOAR-OZ Center   seeking seed money
  • Legal, Consulting Fees for creation of the Foundation                                  $4,000
  • General Donations are welcomed!!!                                                   $10 – $100,000

International Outreach Program

Would you like to fund a trip to review property, galvanize leadership internationally?  $1,000



Your Tax deductible Check can be mailed to, (be sure to designate your choice of area of application) to:

Gateway Community

601 S. Alder Street  Port Angeles, WA 98362

Be sure to put “Donation to SOAR-OZ Foundation” on it, and specify area of donation.

Charge card available thru PayPal, or regular paypal Gateway:

If you do NOT need the tax-deductible aspect, a direct donation can be sent to:

Please include a note to designate the proper category for your contribution with you mailing address so we can mail you a lovely thank you card!!


Our gifts back to you:

-Free weekly meditation invitation, and acknowledgement for all levels of donation

-“Be the Light Divine Alchemy Card” Deck mailed to you for contributions over             $100

-Complimentary Healing Session with Jan for contributions over                                       $250

-Queens Caravan visit to your home or Community for gifts over                                    $5,000

-VIP overnight at a Divine Feminine “home” gifts over                                                       $50,000

-Healing, 3 VIP overnights, Plague of appreciation, and more gifts over                         $100,000



Resources to learn more, press the Youtube icon lower left to watch big screen!

Questions and Conversation:

Director:   Jan Jorgensen RN, CmP, PHN, PhD


About Jan Jorgensen:


OZ SOAR Foundation:


The First SOAR Circle at the Song and Spirit Center 2005


The SOAR OZ Foundation Initiative…Returning to Community

Mission Statement:

At the SOAR Oz Foundation, our mission is to foster vibrant and nurturing community ideation that serves as a template for a highly functional and loving society of individuals in service to humanity, through the Lens of the Divine Feminine.

We help women recognize their natural intuitive strength to know and speak the truth, becoming leaders in their community to inspire women to stand up and lead confidently.

We are committed to networking and  fostering a new template of live-work social system based on co-creation; and providing educational and spiritual expansion opportunities to the greater community.

Through collaborative efforts, we aim to enhance the quality of life for all individuals living the principles of Truth, Beauty, Love, and Goodness.

Education and Outreach through the Queens Caravan and social media provide an etheric and physical presence for expanded awareness of our initiatives and globalization of the initiative by connecting satellite “centers’ worldwide with a focus on Leadership, Arts and Sustainable living.

The SOAR Template led by Feminine Voices

Goals of Oz Foundation

  • The Oz Foundation strives to coordinate, implement, and inspire Community sustainable living Villages  providing a live-work environment of peace and beauty.  Individuals are invited to share their skills, and wishes and become part of an evolutionary movement that replaces “me” with “we.”  –
  • Strengthening the role of the Feminine principles of creation in social endeavor. Creation of a Network of inter-connected “Centers” providing respite, education, visitations with a central global Headquarters.
  • The Template of the SOAR Communities invites us to imagine visiting each others Villages, teaching, living and learning and circulating to all the Centers within the Villages.


Our First outreach note to potential funders: March 2024

Dear Friends,

For two decades my business Sound and Light Healing Arts has supported New Paradigm initiatives and its leaders in innovative, consistent ways across the globe.

This last year I have teamed up with Friends to form a substantial support, or Foundation arm for the SOAR Initiatives, to help lightworkers find and create their Village-Center-Support in Community. We are expanding and seeking partners to help us move forward with these visions. Our umbrella organization is called:   SOAR-OZ Foundation

To summarize:

Through on-going Education and diligent action we are accomplishing our goals powerfully:

  • Networking within the local and greater Communities, establishment of folders, blueprints, Property and Center Visitations, Review and consulting, complimentary services
  • Identification of and securing a potential property for a SOAR-OZ Foundation permanent home.
  • Providing Social Media, Free weekly meditations, Community Visitations and Reports, Outreach to Communities within the US and beyond.
  • Development of the Queens Caravan visiting and creating Circles within Five Tours;

Meeting with and inspiring local community strengthening and realization of structures and leadership for new paradigm initiatives

  • Development of Voice Release as a powerful modality to help women find their Voice without fear to create new realities based on truth. Podcasts, workshops, Sessions.
  • Co-creating a Global Media Platform to interview and highlight new thought leaders, with platforms for the Voice of the Divine Feminine

At this time we are asking for support. Often people are wondering how to affect change and are not able to be on the ground team of action. We are forming the foundation to do this very important work, in collaboration with Partnerships.  Our dedication and acknowledgement of the value of our steadfast work has led us to begin this Fun-Raising aspect of our work.

Your tax-deductible donation allows us to continue the work we are doing more powerfully, the work we have stewarded for all within our own personal funding mechanisms. Fees charged for services are a small percent of our operating budget. We are seeking support as our expansion is moving beyond our own means to facilitate properly. As we file for non-profit status we have an interim fiscal sponsor, Gateway University, to receive your donations.

To honor individual choice, we have broken down the categories we certainly are opening to for funding and they are the following:

  • Queens Caravan Spiritual Walkabout Tour Five and Six $5,000 each Tour

Meeting within 11-12 Community Venues Tour 5 May 4-June 6

  • Virtual Staff for Organizational duties, Accounting $500 per month
  • Property Acquisition, Designing a Template SOAR-OZ Center   seeking seed money
  • Legal, Consulting Fees for creation of the Foundation             $4,000
  • General Donations welcomed


Chart of on-going Activities and Focus

Overview SOAR foudation

The Vision for a SOAR-OZ Center in the PNW

Have you been feeling the nudge to live more simply, with other people in sustainable communities but don’t know where to begin?  We made a video, Connecting in Communities and there was so much interest we formed the OZ Foundation to sort the ideas, questions, people and property. Stay in touch with us!  Here is the replay:  LINK

OZ SOAR Center copy 2



Singing in Puerto Rio with Isabel and her Community...Jan Cercone at

SOAR visits a Women’s Community in Puerto Rico

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