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The Solstice as a Golden Door

Posted By on Dec 17, 2020 | 0 comments

How many times must I be reminded that I have a magic wand built into myself?  It is my thoughts of course. I can create a swath of emotional misery or an illuminated state simply by minding and managing my thoughts with my consciousness.  Never have we been called to be discerning and conscious to such a high degree as this time approaching the Solstice. What if you were told that whatever you are doing and thinking now would set you on a distinct path the day of the Solstice?  Would you be more mindful and choose?  Of course.  We are being called to a state of Mastery.  rainbows and clouds

We create as we think.  So….. get around others who think good thoughts, create good outcomes and hold a higher order for things. If there is nobody in your inner circle to access this higher vibrational with, the internet is an excellent resource. Reach out to established trusted Voices of Truth. Their Voice and presence will lift you. Pick up a book of daily devotions. Take baths with epsom salts. Drink lots of water. You are in an initiation stage, a deep one, as we approach the Solstice gate, or golden door as I like to picture it. The most important thing to do is to turn off your mind for a time each day. Meditation calms the body and allows for new information to come in when you pull the plug on the overactive nervous system from daily living. During the pandemic is a perfect time to reflect on doing less and BEING more.

Perhaps you are tired of the virus, yourself and even life itself, And that is ok as it truly is re-set time. Time to find new ways, new goals and new ideas. As what is not aligned with divine creation principles is not moving forward. I know we each have our own forgivenesses, and releases coming up now for us to move ahead into our more “light” self profile. As we near this birthing of the Solstice, I remember the term “lightening” that is used when a woman is nearing the birthing day and the fetus settles into the birth canal in an unusual stillness. As if to contemplate the major change coming. Use this time to be still. Reflect and Jan Jorgensenre-boot.

I invite you to the Be the Light Meditation, free to all weekly, where I listen for spirit’s topic du jour related to the attendees and we have a meditation and clearing session using the simple Be the Light energy process. For 2021 I will be offering the 3 month Coaching program once again!

however you choose to be and exist, do it with passion. better things are coming!

with love