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Light Language de-coded

Light Language de-coded

Posted By on Nov 22, 2021


Light Language de-coded



Humans love to communicate. We must. We are “wired” to communicate.

We even find a way to feel into and understand others when we do not speak the same dialect or mother tongue.  But when we speak of Light Language, it is not of planetary origin. It IS pure light, de-coding messages from the realm of spirit and vibration and the messages by-pass our incessant thinking. And that is why it is so powerful and magical. When we speak or hear light Language we commune with higher more subtle non-logical realms of heavenly divine realms.  Are you still with me?

Children speak Light Language as it comes naturally to them. It becomes a light back and forth conversation within toddler play and then as the child is programmed, socialized and spoken to just in their language they often lose this magical way of speaking. It feels sing-songy, light and pleasant. In some circles it is called Speaking in Tongues.

Light Language, or speaking this way is actually a

living TRANSMISSION from another realm.

And depending on exactly where you have parked your consciousness at the moment, you are receiving and translating, with your vocal mechanism as a transducer to emit the sounds, vowels, consonants, in an exact complex manner just as it comes through. There is no efforting. It just flows through. It is a natural part of our connecting with and remembering we are part of a larger universal system of conscious beings seeking to communicate with us. At this transitional vulnerable time for mankind these supportive messages are welcomed and needed and are helping us move gently into a more awakened inclusive aspect of Universal systemic Gridwork. It’s a huge internet network and we just haven’t explored or mastered all that is available until we become familiar with the language, the Java, the encoding, the way to talk to other dimensions.

So it is safe, natural, and part of our human evolution.

What are the elements of Light language?:

First, let go of thinking if it comes through spontaneously. And if you want to ask and intend for it to come through you….know all of this is involved:

rainbows and clouds

-Breath, pressure, release, all intuited and flowing natural, unusual phonation and sounds

-New Vocal Rhythms, cadence, stressing syllables, dynamics, clicking, new tonge positions

-Vowels: represent the Planetary forces that correspond with many forces. Rudolf Steiner said we speak the power of the musical spheres, the universal language when we sound through our mouths if our words are lifted by good thoughts and intentions.

-Consonants:  represent the Astrology of the skies….the Zodiac forces. For example, V is the forming sound for Aries! We launch our energetic flows of the planets through the consonants.

Our human words, when elevated with the heart anchored in heavenly consciousness can change lives, systems and planets. It is actually our job to do that right now. Your Voice can open others’ hearts which are like vaults!  Our Voices are so unique and represent our one and only consciousness. It just hit me today that I open my bank data simply with my Voice being recognized. Nobody else has my Voice. It holds a KEY. So when I then use Light Language it is a SUPER-CODE specific key system to tap into the geometrical light-body of the person I am communicating with.

But Where does Light Language Originate and what is it’s purpose?: It comes through us, we are the output part of the system. Think of an old-fashioned telephone line with a spiritual entity, or system feeding specific sounds…or tones or frequencies into a mouthpiece then through a telephone line and then into the telephone handset on your end and then through your brain and then simply delivered in it’s unique unusual form out your mouth simply bypassing your thinking brain.

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 5.59.27 PMIt is ancient and modern, timeless and travels through the Universal-Galactic-Earth Communication grid that is an electro-magnetic geometrical connection system with transit points called Zero Points! Yes, we all are surrounded by zero points and my town of Olympia has a cross-roads of 3 types of grids, making it a super conduction system for various metaphyiscal activities.

Why would it be important to receive spiritual messages and repeat them on this human end?  To evolve as a species, to get over our limited selves, to expand, know we are loved and bathe in non-planetary sublime energies.  It is elative, reassuring, and inspiring all at the same time. It GIVES us the energy to do so. How do I know that?  I record voices on the Voice Bio frequency computerized system and the energy within the human body DOUBLES when speaking light language. We have opened to something bigger than ourselves.  It feeds us, balances our systems, and raises up our bar of available energy.

Can we identify which star system the languages originate from? Great question! Short answer, yes. However it depends on your exact mission on how much you might need to use, understand or teach Light Language. In my advanced Voice Classes and Sessions, we trace your lineage by accessing your home language in a process of connection. Once, curious to find just how people might actually understand and identify their “home” language I created an exercise. The circle of women was asked to close their eyes and I sang and spoke Light language messages and noted the order by number and name.     7 out of the 8 women could accurately identify the exact time I spoke the Light language for them exclusively.  They simply “felt it.”  That was a confirmation. Now a decade later, the familiarity with the sounds and energies of the various star systems help me sort the Sirian language, angelic languages because just like earth languages they have their recognizable form and sounds. Mostly, I find a way for participants to identify their lineage themselves as that brings the greatest value and is developmentally appropriate for the stair-stepped pattern of learning to navigate the spiritual realms.

Can anyone speak Light Language?:  Yes, if they choose to. Just some mastering of their focus, consciousness is required. Or having someone show them how. In the book What is Lightbody? we are told that when we enter the sixth stage of our spiritual ascension level we spontaneously blurt Light Language if we do not hold it back. In fact, certain geographical areas might call upon you to speak it, you are like a telephone line of higher organized frequencies to re-align a specific area of human timeline drama or upset. Often I do not know the why, but sing or sound complex vocalizations at specific sites. The first of such experiences was at Panther Meadows at Mt. Shasta where I was laid down and chanted unusual patterns. Once will facilitating inter-generational healing on a young man my voice went from Russian (his lineage, but Greek to me!) and his departed angelic loved ones….sounding reassuring, grounding Light Language beyond his thoughts and fear and local interpretation right into his soul and heart.

Will I understand the message I am speaking or hearing?  We get it at a soul level, but part of the beauty of Light Language is that things we might block from our IMG_9248ego can be said and received into the energy field without resistance. Often the messages are so sublime and loving they are converted into gentle Light Language to have a chance of being received. Over the years I have learned to identify specific patterns from the different star systems and it allows for specifying a person’s galactic or universal home as their entire body seems to “light up” or have chills or goosebumps as it triggers deep intra-cellular and etheric memories. It CONNECTS them with their true home in the universe as it is true that we are just living in human forms here but our larger consciousness is living at home in another system. Earth is an experiment and we are living our theatre, or projections here. All of this will unfold as truth in the coming years.

Can I use Light Language to Talk with or Communicate with Non-Verbal People or Animals?:  Yes, because it is actually frequencies dialed it does not even need to be sounded to be heard and re-said. And it gets very interesting here. Autism and people on the spectrum have a larger part of their consciousness actively within their galactic or universal home of origin. This can occur for a multitude of reasons, to live out this incarnation on the spectrum, but lets stick with the talking part.  It is easy to simply stop thinking, and communicate telepathically with an autistic person when you get on their….radio-wave frequency!!!!   To dial into their system you simply ask and intend to step into their de-coding system and have a back and forth sharing.  Once while participating in a workshop our helper was a non-verbal teen, with mental developmental issues as well. I simply focused on her heart, refined the dialing of our channels together, and to the astonishment of the entire class I shared what she was thinking while she stood next to me holding my arm. She was so thrilled to be heard and seen.   It was a major breakthrough. When I encounter a person with autistic qualities I will check to see if it is appropriate to have a conversation “inside” and I have found their excitement of being understood and my role as an explainer of the situation brings them comfort. One of my favorite consulting jobs was for a woman who received scientific data for her breast cancer research from the beyond and was directed by spirit to open a school to help her son.  My role was to help her understand the role of sound, light and color processes and projects for the school she was developing for autistic children.

Light Language

Light Language

Can Light Language be written?:  Yes, of course. But there are as many symbols and sigils as there are interpreters. People have made symbolic figures for the various meanings but it seems to be complicated and personal in interpretation. “Sigils” are actually written figures or forms that radiate energy according to their meaning and are stand-alone communicators. Symbols are passive holders of the representation of another item as a referencing system. See my google search results to the left.

People make jewelry, cards, books and totems with symbols and sigils to anchor in these frequencies in a visual way. I have worn special travel necklaces with artistic sigils engraved in them for “safe travel” and protection.  How did the jeweler know exactly what to create?  By now you know the answer, spirit showed and told her. She had a relationship with spiritual beings.

To summarize…..Our VOICE is our calling card to other people and the world. And now you know it is the telephone line to access other worlds and dimensions as well. I love the article entitled: Light Language the New form of Communication. The word is getting out!!!

As you walk on your spiritual path you can welcome Light Language as a tool of confirmation and you can connect with others in a very special way when you allow yourself to be a conduit for what the Universe wants to share with us..through you!!

Enjoy your excursions into the unknown…… as it becomes known,


       Jan Jorgenen RN, MA, CMP, PHN

                              Universal Messenger in Olympia and Port Townsend, WA



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Light Language Symbols:


More about Light Language:

Light Language Course:

Is there another name for Light Language?:  yes, speaking in tongues, however that has religious connotations and people perceive the communications in limited aways according to the dogma and practices of their religion. Sometimes it scares people as perhaps a dark interference or infers a person speaking in tongues has special powers.

Resource Articles:


Jan JorgensenJan Jorgensen is a Visionary Messenger with a specialty in the Human Voice. With degrees in Nursing, Political Science and an Omnium, Therapeutic singing graduate she weaves together science and spiritual initiatives to further the expansion of our personal and collective consciousness. Jan lives in Olympia WA, and sees clients on zoom and in-person in Port Townsend and Olympia for Sound Attunement, Voice Release and Voice Bio analysis.  As an author, recording artist, and Women’s Gathering facilitator through SOAR she supports the awakening and voicing of the Divine Plan for Earth.  She taught at the Sound and Consciousness Institue, the Santa Rosa Jr. College and is writing her Dissertation at Gateway University on Voice Release.  Once a month she leads Painting Classes for women on-line for self-expression through the Intentional Creativity Painting Community.


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Are you a “Lighthouse or tired Rescue Boat?”

…….the time-line has shifted and your role is re-cast!!


JanJorgensen RN, MA, CMp, PHN 


Are you a Lighthouse for others or still riding out onto the turbulent waves to help others in your “Rescue Boat” mode?
I felt tired even writing that. Because everyone has made their decision now where they are going, and the timing has now concluded for people getting on the Bus or not getting on the Bus for the New Paradigm. Now we face our choices and live them out.Our roles have changed.  So with this comes a sigh of relief and also reflection.
Did we do all we could do? Were we distracted? Did we answer the call properly to be an agent of transition for earth and her people?We now simply hold still, restore ourselves, ground ourselves and embody the light of higher vibrational fields that are overlapping with other like-minded souls creating the circuitry for the upgrades slated for earth and those that choose to go with her on this new upgrade. New systems. And just being the light and holding it like a lighthouse for those who are going but are a bit confused on their journey. You need to beam out so they can find you.  Just hold your light. No more front line efforting in the chaos. Re-assignment of the troops is in full swing as we focus on the entire Divine plan as it takes it’s next evolutionary turn.


If you are reading this you know I have hoped for and  planned for the implementation of a new way of being on earth and it’s called the DIVINE plan. That means the control of it is actually out of our hands. It’s a pre-ordained plan thru Divine intervention and humans had the choice to go along or ride out the old systems.
We on earth had every opportunity to be in service, shine the light on the new path available and now we do not have to keep speaking to those whose ears are turned the other way. The ways of the sinking majority collective will have natural consequences and the ways of those who have already CHOSEN to do something new have set the trajectories.  But listen, there is more news… is the NEW update on the timing of all this.

The time-line of the actual shift has been updated. Their was so much patience and slowing down for more humans to “get it” and raise their vibrations and feel into and choose a new way of being and now it’s going to come ready or not, within this thicker not quite raised fully enough collective consciousness in place to be a stable change.

Which means the actual shift where it meets on the time-line will be more abrupt and disorienting because the Plan is coming whether we have kept up or not. Imagine a roller-coaster….
So, relief for many that the earth movie is going to have it’s eventful climax!  Yet many will be utterly groundless as the preparation time has been held in resistance and stagnation and disbelief for so many during precious decades of the time we had to get with the program.

Hey, I am just the messenger.  Take this in and see if it feels true.
Don’t you think we have All kept such faith holding the potential for something we could not really see in this dimension, and had spotty support for down here?  To hold the field of potential took a lot of courage, tenacity and I feel the battle fatigue the front-liners feel. It has been quite the journey for the lightworkers. I applaud everyone who devoted their entire life, resources and word to bringing a better outcome for earth. Lie back and breath in the refined essence of a higher life-sustaining oxygen and rejuvenate as we gather up ourselves for the next plot!  I actually dreamed last night of two theaters and woke up feeling how spirit sure works within my perceptual mode awake or asleep!  I saw how I simply had to find my way into the correct theater, even if others had other roles for me to play and took me on the wrong bus ride for a bit!!


So the teaching, gathering, and convincing part is over to help everyone get on board who wants to, the new theaters of players have begun.    rainbows and clouds
It is time to  actively begin playing roles in the actual circles or groups of people who will move forward with the new ways.
How does that feel? Trust your gut. Is this light? Does this feel worth doing?  The old play is over and a new cast of characters and roles is upon us.
What do you feel about this? What may have made you feel safe before is no longer relevant. It will be easier. With more support.To be a stationary Lighthouse holding down the light for those who want to find their way home and you do NOT have to do active duty in the way you have anymore. During this time, just reaching into realms of joyous higher vibration amidst a crumbling social system is your true role. Be steadfast in your choice of things that only lift you. And the Lighthouses, towers almost like satellite systems will forms links of new lighting around the globe and new communications and connections of a higher order will be instituted.
– reach out to other happy people doing what they love
– build on your choices to be happy doing what you love
– keep the fear out of your mind and heart
– simply carry on and shine no matter what
And would you like to hear a talk and meditation on this topic?      HOW TO BE A LIGHTHOUSE LINK
and would you like to Hear the wonderful Spiritual teacher Caroline Cory talk about this shift and lead a profound meditation?:
Ending your Separation from Source
with Caroline Cory
If you have comments or would like to connect around this message, do contact me.
Ready to schedule a Healing session with me, this is the Link
 Are you wondering how to create a Center…well we made one in 2013..Solara Center

Blessings on our Journey together,

JanJorgensen RN, MA, CMp, PHN 

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Truth is Rising and she is Free

Thrifty In Transit YouTube Thumbnail-3 copy

A stunning realization came to me today. The pieces were there. An overflowing well at our home that could not regulate, requiring immense attention, damage, and sophisticated helpers at high prices.  It overflowed.  The Well overflowed this week for all Americans. We see the Truth of what  fear based Leadership can create and what the absence of goodness leads to. The absence of the Feminine way of doing things leads to a divided house with no collaboration, kindness and everyone suffers.


The WELL of grief, memories and pain of  Feminine TRUTH being holed up for 2,000 years blew open.  Truth has been suffocating down in the WELL of the lie. The lies of humanity told over and over and over. Telling us we must follow the lead of liars, users, bullies and bores. telling us we are not Divine, not co-creators with the heavens. This stifling of the flow of Truth finally came to a head, this week.

Our leaderships damming up the truth led to an overflow of vitriol and primal anger and victim mentality finger pointing. Invading the sanctity of our Capitol that is at the heart of our elective process take us into the Roman times of overthrow towards dictatorship. We escaped that reality as the well of truth began to flow, and many of the enablers of fear based alignment jumped ship and spoke the truth. Our well at our home could not handle all the flow of truth pouring forth from the heavenly downpour of rain, and the earth’s springs welling up.  Our well could not function with so much Truth of Divine energy it breached capacity and filled our glorious home not once but twice in two weeks. We kept watch with flashlights and hoses and experts and exhausted ourselves as the damming up of Truth was finally reaching the tipping point. Of course this is all a metaphor. Scientists warmed we are out of sync with nature and creating climate change and that was turned into a lie by those who found it inconvenient. So our rain comes in deluge periods, more lies adding to the pressure.

This damming up of the Truth is directly the result of the Voice of the Feminine being stifled for too long. Truth got locked underground by the lies and the well burst it’s cover as people and the water flowed out what was stored for so long. What a relief it Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 9.10.20 AMwas for the well to flood. What a relief to hear Voices of Truth Ring again across this beautiful country. For those with ears to hear.

We have come to a pinnacle of either accepting Truth or living in a virtual, spoon fed reality of AI, media agenda driven reality. It is up to each of us to discern, yet it is difficult given our conditioning and indoctrination. And yes, there isn’t just one dark agenda, but multiple national, international, global and inter-dimensional threats to our very existence here now.

Yet, the easiest brilliant way is to learn to listen into your higher Truth. That could never be blocked. And it is available to everyone with no intermediaries. Talk to God. No fancy names. Religion has made it a commodity to connect.  In any given moment you can supercede this reality for the highest pure Truth and receive guidance and absolute truth. Truth emerges from the WellThere is a Divine Plan, but it will take teams of vibrationally coherent people devoted to developing new ways in alignment with science AND spirit!

Yes, Truth is out of the Well, free to speak up and spread the good news we do not have to be under the dominion of any human tyranny. We are free, and can create a new structure based on guidance from spirit. When I say Heaven help us, I mean it, and we can co-create something new based ont he principles of nature, which are divine. So it all connects. Nature-God-my choices all in alignment. We have a lot of mis-creations here now and it feels like building a new system, rather than fixing a dying one is the order of the day.

We must hold the light high…amid the waters….Be the Light and do not allow mis-Truths to go unaddressed. I invite you to our

Be the Light weekly free meditations LINK

Be the Light With Jan JorgensenJan Sara Jorgensen, RN, MA, is a Certified Music Practitioner and Minister. “Healing from the Heart of God through Sound, Science and Spirit,” she is a Messenger and Visionary for the New Paradigm, a Vibrational Field and Healing Specialist Educator, a Speaker on Women’s Media TV and Radio, a Divine Feminine Leader, Author, Recording Artist, and Workshop Leader. Jan Moves Energy and teaches you how to “run” yours. And it’s time to “lighten up.” Let’s run Joy into our life practice and release the vibrations and energies of sadness, anger and confusion. In 2018, she added “Intentional Creativity” Painting to her toolkit for Women’s Workshops. She is a Singer Sound Specialist and a multi-faceted Leader in the expanding field of Vibration and Quantum Energy Transformation. As a “Messenger” of these new principles, her gift is to make the esoteric simple and fun, and empower Community Leaders to employ these tools in powerful Circles for Change. She initiates Creative applications for Healing and Aligning Individuals in Health, Entertainment, Education and Women’s Leadership. Jan is an Author, Recording artist, Professional Singer, Profound intuitive healer and recognized Visionary who is focused on one thing…supporting the transformation of Earth and her people to a higher path. Like a Flower of Life Geometry, we are creating Circles of Light with our Tribes to light up our communities! Her Women’s Leadership project is called “SOAR.”  join the FB SOAR Voice of Truth Initiative page

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The Solstice as a Golden Door

The Solstice as a Golden Door

Posted By on Dec 17, 2020

How many times must I be reminded that I have a magic wand built into myself?  It is my thoughts of course. I can create a swath of emotional misery or an illuminated state simply by minding and managing my thoughts with my consciousness.  Never have we been called to be discerning and conscious to such a high degree as this time approaching the Solstice. What if you were told that whatever you are doing and thinking now would set you on a distinct path the day of the Solstice?  Would you be more mindful and choose?  Of course.  We are being called to a state of Mastery.  rainbows and clouds

We create as we think.  So….. get around others who think good thoughts, create good outcomes and hold a higher order for things. If there is nobody in your inner circle to access this higher vibrational with, the internet is an excellent resource. Reach out to established trusted Voices of Truth. Their Voice and presence will lift you. Pick up a book of daily devotions. Take baths with epsom salts. Drink lots of water. You are in an initiation stage, a deep one, as we approach the Solstice gate, or golden door as I like to picture it. The most important thing to do is to turn off your mind for a time each day. Meditation calms the body and allows for new information to come in when you pull the plug on the overactive nervous system from daily living. During the pandemic is a perfect time to reflect on doing less and BEING more.

Perhaps you are tired of the virus, yourself and even life itself, And that is ok as it truly is re-set time. Time to find new ways, new goals and new ideas. As what is not aligned with divine creation principles is not moving forward. I know we each have our own forgivenesses, and releases coming up now for us to move ahead into our more “light” self profile. As we near this birthing of the Solstice, I remember the term “lightening” that is used when a woman is nearing the birthing day and the fetus settles into the birth canal in an unusual stillness. As if to contemplate the major change coming. Use this time to be still. Reflect and Jan Jorgensenre-boot.

I invite you to the Be the Light Meditation, free to all weekly, where I listen for spirit’s topic du jour related to the attendees and we have a meditation and clearing session using the simple Be the Light energy process. For 2021 I will be offering the 3 month Coaching program once again!

however you choose to be and exist, do it with passion. better things are coming!

with love


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Large Sound and LIght...becoming light blogs

Music…..Inspired by Anthroposophy             by Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP

The Living Tone, or the “tone beings” are welcomed gently as the singers effortlessly float the most exquisite soft, yet clear, radiant vocal tones.  The space is soft as well, the geometrically rounded arches within the room and the mottled rainbow colored walls bespeak of a special space.  Soon, piercing, yet pleasing, tones ring from the metal gongs made according to Anthroposophic priniciples.  (which includes periods of buriel within the earth).  Intelligent individuals discuss the effects of changing orchestra tuning from 4430 to 440 and the effect on the human nervous system.

     This is not a futuristic occurance, but a group of present day workshop participants eager to learn and apply the principles of tone and musicality that the great philosopher Rudolf Steiner laid the foundation for many decades ago.  The singers, teachers and musicians who are in attendance will adapt their new skills and awareness and take the magic back to their communities where children, the elderly and colleges will benefit from this “therapeutic” aspect of New music. 

     The musical Impulse, as it is called in Waldorf school/Anthroposophical circles is timely for our society. Rudolf Steiner prophesied that our materialistic, sensory overloaded numbed   society would be in great need of the new music and his spritiual/scientific methods would be of value to re-connect the human inner core to a more natural, healthful rhythmic state and being.  The musicians thus schooled in these principles would be enlightened initiates and spread the seeds of healing tone through vocal, instrumental and instructional work.  That within the work is carried the seed for human transformation.  The new impulse takes the form of Schoolings, or courses given by advanced teachers, on various fronts.  The Erythmy study is based on movement and rhthynm, restorative and inspirational.  The Lyre is the gentle chosen instrument that has been embraced by the Anthroposophists and it’s reincarnation in the last century was achieved for this very use.  It’s design and unique pure tone qualities are a living breathing extension of this work’s essence, bringing the inaudible to the audible…then back again.  The National Lyre Association of America meets regularly to promote and enhance this forum.  “New” instruments are used. The gongs are most wonderous, with their heavenly base notes and shimmers of overtones.They are available, to the connected and economically able, and come in every note and size. Rods, small chimes, and other instruments are also used in the workshops of tone and color, an extension of vibratory healing tone. 

     The developing school of “Uncovering the Voice” is another branch of this work.  It is this schooling, developed by the opera singer Werbeck Svardstrom that became my “spiritual path” for 25 years. The training that allows the singer to literally uncover, lift the veil from, the musculature/ego bound human voice to reveal the tone beings through pure sung tone in all their glory.  Theresa Shroeder Sheker, initiator of the Chalice of Repose project that assists the dying in musical vigil, states that the voice actually launches from the larynx, an alter of alchemy, where the oxygen, carbon dioxide, the intention of the singer…..all combine in such a way as to render a heavely sung tone. A golden moment of soul meeting the physical allows an outpouring of healing bliss for the singer and receivers.

It is this tone, when it is heard by the human ear, that creates a profound response in the listener, a sense that one has “returned home.”

    The study of the Human Voice and how we can diagnose imbalances in the body and apply corrective exercises is the Core of the Therapeutic Singing Program pioneered by Thomas Adam of Germany. I was fortunate enough to bring him here with a colleague and study with him for 4 years to understand the phonetics component coupled with breathing, movement and the astrological components of the human energetic field. In Germany, the Voice Therapists work alongside the physicians to re-work the bodily matrix through prescribed programs. Working with the Voice  Bio technology developed by Kae Thompson I began to see the exact frequency correlations within the human voice and states of imbalance or disease in the human body. How working with tri-tone frequencies could actually “re-set” the energetic patterns back to a healthy vibrant state. Science proves what we intuitively know when ascertaining the exact area needing a shift within the human energy field through sound. Not wishing to be bound by the confines of a particular modality, I began the extensive search of how to spiritualize matter through tone through the world of Sound Healing and skipped the actual certification for the course.

For beginning Sound Healers or those interested in pursuing the magical world of Sound and Healing I recommend the following:

Rudolf Steiner for your foundation for the cosmic magic, science and truth and Joshua Leeds for a scientifically based rendering of this field in a thoughtful, comprehensive applied way.

 Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Visionary with a focus on the re-balancing of human experience towards joy and wellness through New Models of Health Care and Sound and Light Entertainment Experiences,  Women’s Leadership and the exploration of the New Relationship Paradigm. She is the Director of the Solara Healing Center, is a gifted Healer and Educator and was certified in the Uncovering the Voice Method of Singing. She is an Avatar Master, Omnium Graduate and teaches workshops worldwide on the Healing Power of Sound.   

Large ending info

Jan and lyre

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